Red Day – Varazdin

400 kn

On Easter Monday, a few minutes before the start of mass, Mr. Horvatic was very relaxed in the church of St. Nicolas. He was waiting for his daughter, while his wife took care of his little son in preparations for Easter. Suddenly people started shouting “Fire, fire!”. Then the brave mr. Horvatic ran to ring the bell to alert everyone and helped the scared people out of the church. However, he saw the fire spread rapidly. He needed to run to find and save his family before it was too late.

Help Mr. Horvatic find his family and take them to safety, while you discover curiosities of the city of Varazdin, learn historical facts about this real “Red Day” and solve fun puzzles that test your intelligence, strategy and creativity!

START OF THE GAME: at the church of St. Nikola in Varaždin

IMPORTANT: For the Red Day game you need a Cluecity bag that you can pick up from our partner:

Trg Kralja Tomislava 4, 42000, Varaždin
+385 99 483 6895

Monday – Thursday 14:00 – 21:00
Friday – Saturday 14:00 – 23:00 h

If you want to play when our partner is not working, contact us via for info about the handover of the Cluecity bag.

You can also buy the RED DAY GAME (and pay in cash) from our partners Angry Moose Varaždin and Odisea travel. 

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