Secret Society of Varazdin

360 kn

In the history of Varaždin, there was a secret society with strictly defined rules. Its members had to be very special people, meeting strict requirements. This society came to have members from different countries in Europe and intended to continue expanding.

Now Petar Hejnović, a mysterious lawyer has contacted you to give you particular news about an inheritance left in your name. However, to obtain it, you must first discover what the secret society is about, accept its rules and become a member. But be careful! If you break their rules you can be kicked out!

Find out more about this real secret society of Varaždin that, according to many, is still alive to this day. While doing that, discover curiosities of the city of Varaždin, learn about this interesting legend and solve fun puzzles that test your intelligence, strategy and creativity!

START OF THE GAME: at Varaždin market


Although the game does not include inappropriate language or visuals, the overarching theme is related to a regulated activity.

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